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DerriÈre le rideau, il fait peut-Être nuit

Anne Thériault + Martin Messier

Derrière le rideau, il fait peut être nuit is a project by multidisciplinary artist Martin Messier (composer, performer and videographer) and Anne Thériault (choreographer and peformer). Having been a sound designer for many years in dance and in theatre, Martin Messier set out to reverse the usual hierarchical roles existing between the choreographer and the composer in order to put the soundscape at the forefront. The motor element of this piece is an amplification device which allows us to directly examine the movements and actions of the performer.

All the ideas and directorial decisions inherent to this project are guided by the fact that this performance is first and foremost about the soundscape. With this in mind, the piece is performed in near darkness, which makes the audience concentrate on the progressions of the soundscape.

Wanting to inspire feelings of insecurity, unleashing an element of fear in the audience and placing them in visual universe akin to the aesthetic of horror cinema, the visual construction of this performance is built around the idea of suggestion without revealing anything. It is through this lens that striking images are expanded while never causing the emergence of narrative evidence.

Anne Thériault : Dramaturgy and performance
Martin Messier : Dramaturgy, music composition and sound processing
Simon-Xavier Lefebvre : Artistic advisor