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La chambre des machines
• Mention, Prix Ars Electronica (2011)
• Jury selection, Japan Media Art Awards (2011) 

Machines made of gears and cranks are manipulated to produce a sound construction at the crossroads of acoustics and electronics. Submerged in surround sound, the audience discovers the interaction between mechanical and synthetic sound. With specifically tailored programming, digital processing are enlarging the sound palette of the machines. La chambre des machines stems from a desire to return to the physical world in an environment of digital creation. The project also refers back to the intonarumoris, sound machines built by Italian futurists at the beginning of the 20th century. These machines contained mysterious mechanisms, just as computers do today.

Concept, composition and performance : Martin Messier and Nicolas Bernier
Intonarumoris (Machines): Alexandre Landry
Video :
Production : Perte de signal


La chasse galerie, Marc Langlois