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Spectres enlacÉs

Spectres enlacés is an experience inspired from acousmatic listening since the audience is asked to wear a sleeping mask during the hearing of the piece. Exploring an unknown space while not recognizing where one stands, the auditor vision is reduced while sounds become the center of his attention travelling in a new space where sound spectrum is colliding and fusing.

The environment of Spectre enlacés is a space structured by sounds referring to noises of daily life. In this oneiric universe, these references are decontextualised in order to flirt with a surreal imaginary environment where one can recognize a mix of urban sounds, doors slapping, basketballs dropping, ping pong balls, machinery...

My will to create yet an acousmatic and melodic piece equates in a combination of noisy sounds and a touch of melodic sounds intertwining together.

Spectres enlacés was commissionned by Ekumen and his creation was made possible with the support of the Conseil des art et des lettres du Québec.